Tax Credit Outreach Campaigns & Health Insurance Coverage – Summer 2014 Update

Help Eligible Families Enroll in Health Insurance Coverage for 2015: What Tax Credit Outreach Campaigns Can Do

Click on the links below for responses to key questions about health insurance coverage and filing tax returns or download the pdf. pdf

What Was the Result of the First Enrollment Period for Health Insurance Coverage?
Why Do Families Need Help to Enroll?
How Do People Qualify for New Health Coverage and the Credits?
Who Is Eligible for Premium Credits?
How Much Is the Premium Tax Credit Worth?
A Remaining Challenge: How Will People Know How to Apply?
How Will VITA and TCE Sites Assist People to Indicate on Their 2014 Tax Return if They Had Insurance Coverage?
What Will People Need to Know About Health Coverage and Tax Filing?
How Can Your Tax Credit Outreach Efforts and Free Tax Assistance Programs Help?
What Outreach Resources Are Available?