This Week’s Must-Read: Expanding the EITC Would Recoup Decades of Lost Earnings for Working Class Americans

TCWF offers guidance for EITC campaigns, Oklahoma pushes to reinstate a refundable EITC, CFED makes policy recommendations to curb predatory debt collecting, and a new report shows the EITC could boost a depressed West Virginia economy.

  •  The New York Times’s Neil Irwin explains that expanding the EITC is the most effective way to replace the pay workers have lost to a widening economic gap in the past generation.
  • CFED provides policy recommendations to eliminate harmful predatory debt collection practices.
  • Tax Credits for Workers and Their Families shares three tips on how to plan an outstanding campaign to raise awareness about the EITC.
  • Newly elected Oklahoma representative, Collin Walke, plans to reverse Senate Bill 1604, which made the EITC non-refundable. According to Walke, lawmakers “patched the budget with one-time fixes on the backs of working families of Oklahoma.”
  • The West Virginia Center on Budget and Policy’s new report shows the state’s economy and personal income levels lag behind the nation. The organization suggests a state EITC to help West Virginia catch up.

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