This Week’s Must-See: A 74 Second Video Explaining the EITC

We’ve created two new videos, TCWF offers guidance on helping workers cope with the refund delay, and the Minnesota Budget Project recommends a state EITC and CTC equivalent to combat economic insecurity.

  • We created two short videos. The first explains the EITC and its impact on families. The second can be used to recruit free tax volunteers.
  • Nan Madden of the Minnesota Budget Project suggests expanding the state Working Family Tax Credit and the Child and Dependent Care Tax Credit. An expansion would be especially effective in supporting non-urban Minnesotans, workers of color, and younger workers.
  • Joseph Pennisi, executive director of the Florida Policy Institute, encourages expanding the EITC to workers under 25 who are not raising children. The expansion would benefit 1.25 million Florida residents, including non-custodial parents, veterans, and young workers.
  • Tax Credits for Workers and Their Families shares tips on how to help families plan for the refund delay. The post includes a webinar from CFED on how advocates can spread the word.

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