This Week’s Must-Read: A West Virginia EITC

The Council of Economic Advisers recommends expanding the EITC to grow labor force participation and Delegate Matthew Rohrbach joins the EITC movement in West Virginia.

  • According to the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the White House’s Council of Economic Advisers recommends expanding the EITC for workers ages 25-54 not raising children. Increasing the EITC for this group would bring prime-age men back into the labor force.
  • Connecticut Voices for Children reports increasing economic inequality in the state and suggests implementing the EITC in conjunction with raising the minimum wage to combat the problem.
  • Republican Delegate Matthew Rohrbach has sponsored a bill for a West Virginia EITC. A state EITC is the path to middle class for many lower income families and has bipartisan support. For more information, visit Invest in West Virginia Families.


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