The National EITC Outreach Partnership was formed over the past year by national organizations, including federal government agencies, that consider it important to promote Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) outreach, free tax preparation alternatives, and asset development strategies. As communities across the country are discovering, such efforts increase family and neighborhood success and bring millions of dollars into local economies. We hope that this Partnership will make it easier for national organizations to provide information to local members and affiliates, thereby increasing the number of families accessing these important resources.In the fall of 2002, various national organizations came together at the National League of Cities to discuss the unique efforts that organizations are taking to help working families access the EITC, free tax filing assistance and asset building opportunities. From that meeting it was clear to the convening organizations that there is a need to document the diverse commitments and share the organizational strategies of the increasing number of organization efforts being undertaken.These conveners proceeded to take the first steps toward creating the National EITC Outreach Partnership. The convener organizations include:Annie E. Casey Foundation
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
Internal Revenue Service
National Community Tax Coalition
National League of Cities

The conveners envision the National EITC Outreach Partnership to be an informal affiliation that will allow a widening number of organizations to continue the discussion of how best to engage local partners, enhance their ability to build local coalitions, provide a network of peer learning, and highlight how national organizations can communicate effectively with one another to bolster collaborative community efforts. As an association of national organizations, the Partnership will work closely with the National Community Tax Coalition (NCTC). NCTC is an association of community-based organizations and allies providing services to and advocacy for low-income workers.

In the summer of 2003, the conveners invited national organizations who participated in the initial discussion at the National League of Cities to join with them in forming a Steering Committee for the Partnership. Following are the organizations who have agreed to be members of the Steering Committee or allies of the Partnership.

AARP Tax-Aide*
Annie E. Casey Foundation*
Association for Enterprise Opportunity*
Brookings Institution Metropolitan Policy Program
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities*
Corporate Voices for Working Families*
Community Action Partnership*
Children’s Defense Fund*
Food Research and Action Center*
Girls Inc*
Internal Revenue Service*
National Assembly of Health and Human Services Organizations*
National Community Tax Coalition*
National Congress for Community Economic Development*
National Governors Association, Center For Best Practices
National League of Cities*
Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation*
Points of Light Foundation and Volunteer Center National Network*
The Hatcher Group
United Way of America*
Voices for America’s Children*
Robert Zdenek Associates/Connecting Communities — consultant to Corporation for Enterprise Development and Neighborhood Reinvestment Corporation

*Steering Committee Member


For national organizations interested in receiving information about participating in the National EITC Outreach Partnership, please contact:

John Wancheck
Earned Income Credit Campaign Coordinator
Center on Budget and Policy Priorities
820 First St. NE, Suite 510
Washington, DC 20002