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How to use this section:

The state links in this section are descriptions of local EITC coalitions that provide outreach and free tax preparation. These are coalitions in existence as of August 2011 and will be updated semi-annually. This data has been gathered from a variety of sources and the information therein should not be considered as an absolute reflection of all partners or activities.

Each state link is an Excel spreadsheet file, which you can view on-line or download to your computer. On the page tabs at the bottom of each spreadsheet are shown the locations of one or more coalitions in the state. Each coalition description indicates if the coalition was already existing or just emerging as of August 2011. In Hawaii, N. Dakota and S. Dakota, an older description is the last information available. However, individual organizations are conducting EITC outreach efforts in these states. Please contact us for information about contacts in those states or to inform us of outreach activities with which you are familiar.)

Contacting a Coalition:

Each coalition description indicates the geographic area covered by the coalition and the Coalition Chair’s name and organization. Organizations in the coalition’s core planning group are listed. Contact information is provided for many of the coalition chairpersons. However, leadership changes or contact information may change. The IRS Territory Manager can help you in those cases or where contact information is not provided.

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