Are immigrants eligible for the stimulus check?

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If you have a Social Security Number (SSN), you are eligible for the stimulus check (also known as the “Economic Impact Payment”) if you meet the other requirements.  

You are eligible for the $1,200 payment if: 

  • Your income is under $75,000 (single, or married filing separately) or $150,000 (married filing jointly). You also qualify if you have no income. 
  • You and your spouse, if filing jointly, each have a valid SSN (one if military). 
  • Someone else cannot claim you as a dependent on their tax return. 
  • You are a U.S. citizen, permanent resident, or qualifying resident alien. 

If you’re filing single or head of household 

You are eligible if you have an SSN and meet the other requirements. If your children have SSNs and meet other requirements, you will also receive an additional $500 for each child.  

If you’re married and one spouse has an SSN and one spouse has an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) 

The spouse with the SSN may be eligible only if you file separatelyThe exception to this rule is if you’re a member of the military. If one of you is in the military, then you are eligible for the stimulus check even if one of you has an ITIN and one of you has an SSN.  

There are some considerations to think about before filing separatelyFirst, If you file separately, you will need to file taxes to receive the stimulus check. There is a form for people who don’t file taxes to get the stimulus, but you won’t be able to use it. 

Another consideration is whether filing taxes separately is the best financial decision. Your taxes may be lower if you file jointly. You may be eligible for state or local tax credits that you cannot get separately.  

Each couple has a different tax situation to think through.

If you have kids 

Your kids’ status does not affect your eligibility if you meet the other requirements. However, you will only get the $500 for dependents for children who have an SSN, not an ITINA child must be related to you (by blood, marriage, or adoption), under the age of 17, live with you for over half the year, have a Social Security number, and be claimed as your dependent. Children with an Adoption Taxpayer Identification Number (ATIN) are also eligible for the additional stimulus check.  

Need help? 

Code for America, in partnership with Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA, an IRS-sponsored free tax preparation program), has created a fully virtual intake process for free tax assistance. Visit Get Your Refund to connect with an IRS-certified volunteer who will help you get your stimulus check and file taxes if you need to. 

For questions or for additional support, call the United Way’s 211 Economic Impact Payment Helpline: 1-844-322-3639. It operates 24/7 with live agents available 10 am – 6 pm ET M-F through October 15, 2020. 

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