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  • The EIC & CTC lift more than 9 million adults and children above the poverty line.
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  • Free tax filing assistance helps over 3 million workers each year.
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H&R Block Snuck Language into a Senate bill to Make Taxes More Confusing for Poor People” – H&R Block lobbied the Senate to propose a bill that would turn the one-page Schedule EIC into a lengthy and confusing four-page form. Read more.

Steyer: Michigan Needs to Keep EITC” – To repair roads in Michigan, some state lawmakers are proposing to cut the state EITC, a tax credit that is vital to the 1 in 4 Michigan children in poverty. Read more.


About the EITC Outreach Campaign

For more than 20 years, the Campaign, which includes community organizations, employers, social service programs and government agencies, has promoted the Earned Income Credit (EIC), the Child Tax Credit (CTC) and free tax filing assistance for low- and moderate-income workers. Each year millions of eligible workers risk missing out on these important federal tax benefits because they do not know they qualify, do not know how to claim the credits or do not know where to find free tax filing assistance. Your outreach efforts can ensure that eligible workers can receive the tax credits they’ve earned.

This website will provide the information you need to develop a vibrant Tax Credit Outreach Campaign. If you have difficulty finding any information, please contact us at eickit@cbpp.org or 202-408-1080.

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