How much are the EITC and CTC worth in 2018?

How much will the Earned Income Tax Credit and Child Tax Credit be worth at tax time in 2018? Review these guidelines for work conducted in 2017. For an estimate of what your EITC may be worth, see our Earned Income Tax Credit Estimator.

The Earned Income Tax Credit in Tax Year 2017

Number of children: Single workers with income less than: Married workers with income less than: EITC up to:
3 or more children $48,340 $53,930 $6,318
2 children $45,007 $50,597 $5,616
1 child $39,617 $45,207 $3,400
No children $15,010 $20,600 $510

EITC investment income limit = $3,450

Income limits for married workers are $5,590 higher than for single workers


The Child Tax Credit

The Child Tax Credit is worth up to $1,000 per qualifying child

The Additional Child Tax Credit Earnings Threshold is $3,000

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