News Roundup: What They Can Agree On

President Obama calls for EITC expansions, California and West Virginia focus on state EITCs, the public supports state licensing for paid tax preparers, and it’s time for EITC Awareness Day.

  • President Obama and Speaker Paul Ryan agree on the need to expand the EITC for workers without children. This is the only group of people who are taxed into poverty, explains Chuck Marr in The Huffington Post.
  • California has launched the tax season for filing state returns. This is the first year eligible residents can claim the California EITC.
  • In West Virginia, conservative and liberal state leaders seem to have found common ground on the need for a state EITC.
  • Should the federal government regulate paid tax preparers? A national poll found 80 percent of the public believes that paid preparers should have to pass a test and be licensed by the state.
  • January 29th is the 10th annual EITC Awareness Day. Follow @CenterOnBudget on Twitter, tweet #EITCAwarenessDay, and like the Get It Back Campaign on Facebook to bring attention to this important tax credit. See Four Ways to Promote the EITC for Awareness Day for outreach tips.


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